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NZFC / NZ On Air / present... the MAKE MY MOVIE project. Our proud history of profound, progressive & potty thinking: Splittng the Atom / Women Getting the Vote / the Zorb and now we have another world first: the MAKE MY MOVIE project

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A “MAKE MY MOVIE Limited (Land Of Illusion” FILM

In the Land of Aotearoa it started off travelling around to collect ancient land documents of the stone people. tribe that connects to Easter Island. And that is still there today , Miss Brown a Seer or Matakite as the Maori people would say knew of all things before they happend. So the family loaded up in the cortina and away they went all six of them to find the lost ancient parchment papers of all time.. There father had already passed away 87' and left his two sons eddie,david as the ngariki chiefs and me as the queen from his bloodline descent.

1st Trip- Great Nanny of ours in Gisborne said them Gold in them hills he gave us a map. said where gonna need money to fight for the land ....So we travelled to a place in hari harri loaded up the car with fools gold!!!! eddie took it to the gold bullion in hereford street. salesman said sorry sir its fools gold look' and right than he pointed to the fish tank, not amused he yelled across the street IT'S FOOLS GOLD DAVID''

Trip2: Went to west coast again , to us the moorpork was an omen I said stac if you hear a moorpork 3x we have to go. than just than we heard it say moorpork once moorpork, twice, moorpork three times stac got us in the car and just as we drove out the drive shaft fell out so we were stranded. And slept on the side of the road with blankets over us someone stopped because they thought we were dead bodies, lateron a farmer man helped get us back on the road and we headed to nanny Queeny where she lived by the river, she said go down to the arahura and load up with greenstone and we did we found many as big as a steering wheel. and other sizes. I said dont back out to narrow to my brother and dan my partner , he than hopped in and backed out the driveway and the had the door open the door hinge fell off and scraped alongside of. to follow on our way home stac was driving we all saw a sheep go across the road, however it turned around and came back over the hill and back on the road , where all we heard was baaa bang! the whole front grill had been smashed with a sheep going flying in the air. and lying on the ground was the sheep we took it to the farmer and he was ok but not amused that his sheep got out of the paddock.

Trip 3: Had to go to Gisborne urgently had no starter motor in cortina so we were the last on the ferry crossing told the ferry man unhooking the chains we had no starter motor. he than got on his radio said out loud 2, 4 green cortina had no starter motor so we had to push the car off the ramp to get a jump start... all fingers and foul words was coming our way..... CAUSE WE WERE THE LAST ON BUT 1ST OFF.
Based on a true story of 15,17,18,20, yrs of age travelling around in broken down vehicles back in the year 1990 onwards seeing many miraculous things happen spiritual things right before our eyes, lead us into the Land Of Illusion or is it confusion. MORE TO COME......