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No Boozeland

WRITTEN BY Edward de Vere

The 2011 New Zealand general election scheduled for Saturday the 26th of November yields an unprecedented and shock result. Due to New Zealander's growing distaste in John Key's National Party and their lack of confidence in the Labour Party, The Green's make a last minute bolt and are voted in as the new Government.

The Greens bring significant change to governmental policy & their most shocking decision is to make a permanent alcohol ban in NZ due to crime & violence, domestic abuse, health impacts, drink driving, deaths & social costs. Their alcohol ban is predicted to cut costs which amount up to an astounding figure in the Billions. The Greens say it is necessary for the social health of New Zealand and also will help the current economic climate where the country is in post recession and dealing with the financial impact of the Christchurch Earthquake.

At midnight, May 28, 2012, New Zealand goes dry. Bars, Clubs, Breweries, Distilleries, and liquor stores are forced to close their doors.

No Boozeland is a high intensity mockumentary set in the year 2013 two years after the liquor ban has been implemented. It explores the mentality of a new social order where a whole country is forced to change their way of life. Addressing everything from the drastic Social Behavior and Personality impacts on the New Zealand public,  to new forms of socializing (gone are the days of one night stands and Dutch Courage, Camomile tea becomes popular at rugby matches), to strange new forms of addictions (Morris becomes addicted to sitting in peak hour traffic) & alternative ways to find release (Meditation centers are build in rural areas right across the country due to the trend in New Zealand farmers converting to Yoga and Meditation).

It has been two years since the law was changed and while crime has decreased overall, their is still a huge market for bootlegging similar to the prohibition days of USA in the 1920s. (Inventive ways of smuggling and bootlegging booze from other countries on to the black market is occurring everyday, including an operation with submarines & banana boats bringing spirits in from Australia).

But the drinking game is very risky, and punishments are severe if caught in the act of distributing or even consuming alcohol. Because of this there has been a mass exodus of people leaving NZ to go to alcohol friendly countries. 

Is the 'dictator's state' feel of No Boozeland a better option than the capitalist feel of John Key's national party? It's hard to tell.

Could you imagine life without the Booze? make it a reality in No Boozeland.