Make My Movie

NZFC / NZ On Air / present... the MAKE MY MOVIE project. Our proud history of profound, progressive & potty thinking: Splittng the Atom / Women Getting the Vote / the Zorb and now we have another world first: the MAKE MY MOVIE project

Project details

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You awake in a strange luxury apartment strewn with bodies, with the ability to relive the murder victims’ last moments.

A “Clover Kiwi Productions” FILM

YOU awake in a strange luxury apartment, alone… until you discover the bodies.

Everywhere you turn, you are haunted by their ghosts. You have no way out. But you find yourself somehow connecting with the dead – reliving their last moments, their last hour to be precise.

But such abilities come with a price. You experience their deaths, their suffering… and the ghosts of the dead do not take kindly to your presence. They will stop at nothing to possess you, unless you find their killer.

You need to stop the killer before time runs out… You feel something: a very dark presence… and it is hunting you…