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NZFC / NZ On Air / present... the MAKE MY MOVIE project. Our proud history of profound, progressive & potty thinking: Splittng the Atom / Women Getting the Vote / the Zorb and now we have another world first: the MAKE MY MOVIE project

Enter to Be in to Win $100,000 to Make a Motion Picture

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How to enter

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  1. Think of a horror film idea and a logline
  2. Write a synopsis (100–300 words) covering your film's setting, characters and plot
  3. Design (or have someone design) a poster that sells your film
  4. Complete everything in the Submit section (entries have closed)
  5. Share your idea via social media in order to drum up support for your project
  6. Win $200,000 and make a horror film


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    Mother's Milk

    An archaeologist investigating a mysterious group of missionary graves finds that a sinister history could be repeating itself. As her crew begin to succumb to vile illness and delirium she must fight a determined force to save her own body from a gruesome colonization.

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    At 2am, on a pitch-black country road, a car is involved in a violent full-speed head-on collision. As ambulance, police and fire fighters work to free and save the couple in the car, it becomes clear that this is no regular accident. Soon the emergency workers themselves become victims of something hidden in the darkness, and the lives they must save are their own.

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    They All Come Running

    In the river town of Bastion, a series of grisly murders coincide with the arrival of an ice cream van and its enigmatic proprietor. When a young man witnesses a suspicious incident and his accusations fall on deaf ears, he alone must assume the responsibility of stopping a sociopathic predator.

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    Chicks vs Hicks

    Four friends celebrating a hens night accidentally kill a peeping tom and learn that the only thing more deadly than the victims chromosomally challenged murderous family is friendship.

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    Mother's Little Boy

    When the mischievous, sickly Phillip Black finally hits puberty his mother becomes increasingly deranged, resorting to bizarre and terrifying methods to keep her little Phillip from ever growing up.

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    A group of kidnappers who abduct the young daughter of a mysterious family find themselves battling supernatural forces and each other when the girl turns out to be the central cog in an evil plan.

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    The Card Game

    A stranger joins a small town poker game and sets about winning everything from the players until they have nothing left to gamble but their children.

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    A splatter horror/black comedy about two heavy metal-thrashing losers who have to find their inner strength to stop a malevolent force which they inadvertently unleashed.

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    Mary Till Death

    With his marriage on the brink of collapse, a desperate husband creates an elaborate hoax to stop the woman he loves from walking out of his life.

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    Garage Sale of the Damned

    A seemingly ordinary garage sale is cursed to high Hell: five customers take home five pieces of kitsch kiwiana, triggering five horrific stories. An anthology film that's equal parts creepy, bloody and demented.

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    Strangers have the best candy

    Forced to stay home for the spookiest night of the year, Halloween, Natalie finds herself on the receiving end of countless social media updates on her friend’s night out. But when the images start to turn gruesome, Natalie must figure a way to find them before the uploads cease … but should she?

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    Blood Brothers

    With their crime scene cleaning business about to go bankrupt, two friends decide to create some work for themselves, moonlighting as serial killers. However they quickly find themselves not only cleaning up the bloody messes they make but trying to cover their tracks as well.