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NZFC / NZ On Air / present... the MAKE MY MOVIE project. Our proud history of profound, progressive & potty thinking: Splittng the Atom / Women Getting the Vote / the Zorb and now we have another world first: the MAKE MY MOVIE project

Project details

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A New Life

A “K Random Production Co.” FILM

film is set in todays times, is about a young man whos life drastically changes when his parents are killed in a car crash by a criminal in a stolen car.. he is sent to live with his recovering alcoholic grandfather, whom he hasnt seen in many years. the court system fails to convict the criminal responsible for his parents death due to the criminals highly connected drug baron uncle.
the young man finds it difficult to move forward with his life, decides to kill the one responsible for his parents death.. but fails, ends up in a coma. the young mans grandfather seeks out an old war buddy of his that is a vampire, asks him to help his grandson out of his coma by turning him into a vampire.

young man: is quiet, friendly, medium height, lanky

grandfather: grumpy, sensitive.. sense of humour, use to being by himself.

Vampire: Intelligent, tall, friendly, twisted sense of humour

Girlfriend: confident, sexy, energetic and funny