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This story was inspired from the news articles that came out around the world on the death of fashion designer Versace and his killer Andrew Cunanan. But since the story presents a different twist in the end which is contrary to the publicly announce by the FBI, we refrained from alluding the story to them.

DOYCE is a non-professional fashion ramp model in Davao. After impregnating a girlfriends who runs after him, he left the city and stayed with his step-brother, CHOLO, in Manila. Cholo is professional ramp model in Manila. Cholo circulates with the high society in Manila.

Cholo brought Doyce to his show in a hotel and introduce him to his designer, FROI. Towards the finale of the show, everybody were panicking at the backstage because, GARY, the model who is the groom has disappeared. Froi got so mad as Gary does a lot of times during his previous shows. Out of desperation and from the suggestion of the JANUS, the make-up artist, Froi asked Doyce to be the groom to MAYMAY. The finale turned out so well.

At the cocktails everybody were so interested with Doyce as a new find in the fashion scene. Then in the middle of the party, DETECTIVE ANGELES came and announces that Gary was found dead in the toilet of the hotel. The guests were asked to leave and the staff were interrogated. JESSA, Gary’s girlfriend was asked but she couldn’t help the detective for motives and clues.

From here on, the story becomes a suspense thriller as the main character is also a suspect since the police find his replacing of Gary in the show too coincidental. His brother Cholo is a suspect because they argued at the lobby of the hotel before Gary’s death. And later we find out that Cholo and Gary are lovers. Gary’s live-in girlfriend is also a suspect because after his death, she disappears taking all important papers from their condo unit.

The truth of the matter is that Gary is a lover of Congressman Sandoval. The congressman’s wife upon learning that her husband is gay, found a way to Gary and offered him a better life outside the country if he can produced photographs of him and her husband in bed. She needs this photos in her filing of divorce from her husband. She also intends to run as congresswoman against her husband. And this Gary did. When Jessa discovered that Gary is leaving for Switzerland through this arrangement, she got mad when she learned that gary is bringing along Cholo and not her. She went to Congressman Sandoval and told him of this plan.

During the show, Gary had in his jacket the negatives of the pictorial in a small envelop. It fell from his pocket and he asked Janus the keep it for the duration of the show. Janus not knowing what is in the envelope kept it in his make-up kit.

In the circle of the fashion scene the chase for these photographs ensue. And two camps of people are after the negatives. The camp of Congressman Sandoval and the camp of the wife of the Congressman. The main character, Doyce is caught in between. In his travail to save himself, he sees the dirty world of the fashion ramp. It is the world of drugs, sex and prostitution. He himself was not spared of being used and using people. Especially, when in the public’s eye he became the number one suspect since all people he had intimate relationship died. Like Von villafuerte – a gay socialite who last seen in his company, then Janus, Then Rico – the photographer, Cholo his own step brother and finally Froi the fashion designer.

Finally, he discovers that the killer is the hired detective Angeles of the Congressman. And in the final confrontation with the Congressman, Doyce begged for his life to be spared since was not responsible for the many deaths. But the Congressman said there is a need for somebody to be answerable for all the deaths and in the eyes of the public, Cholo is the accepted murderer. So to spare his life, the Congressman asked him to commit suicide.

At the last scene we see Doyce in disguise leaving for Switzerland. A non-entity was killed and they made it appear that that guy is doyce and he committed suicide.