Make My Movie

NZFC / NZ On Air / present... the MAKE MY MOVIE project. Our proud history of profound, progressive & potty thinking: Splittng the Atom / Women Getting the Vote / the Zorb and now we have another world first: the MAKE MY MOVIE project

Project details

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A contagious virus emerges turning all cows into flesh eating zombies killing every living thing in their path.

A “Davis Cheung” FILM
WRITTEN BY Davis Cheung

A secret government funded project in attempt to develop a new serum to enhance the cattle breeding process turns horribly wrong spreading a virus -turning the harmless herbivores to flesh eating predators. A group of students come head on with the virus and witness towns getting wiped out while attempting to flee back to the city warning every one of the horrific events that are taking place.

While the scientists struggle to find a cure to bring down the epidemic that they have created. The students struggle to ready their friends and families of the ridiculous but real bloodshed soon to come.