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NZFC / NZ On Air / present... the MAKE MY MOVIE project. Our proud history of profound, progressive & potty thinking: Splittng the Atom / Women Getting the Vote / the Zorb and now we have another world first: the MAKE MY MOVIE project

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CHAOS!!! on delivery

A nerd-fest filled weekend takes a turn for the weirder-er when cos-players are attacked by gelatinous creatures unleashed by a maniacal uber-geek bent on sexual depravity and back-breaking manual labor!

A “Peter Heckman” FILM
WRITTEN BY Peter Heckman, Andon Monk & Catherine McHattie

The Nazis won the WWII! Gojira eats Japan! And Pittsburgh's zombie infestation has entered it's 14th year! But, none of that matters because NATHAN RUNIHURA, world renown "King of all Geeks" , is throwing a steam punk sci-fi fantasy con on a Island Nerd-resort, Ranga Rock, in the unlikely waters of fair Dunedin. It promises to be the first night of the rest of your lives! And proves to be… through unnatural dissolving death!

Driving south towards nerdom, doctoral candidate and Trekkie PITA is informed by orgasm addict and sociology student CHELSEA, she plans to more into a free-love commune with SIMON, their weather channel obsessed flat-mate. Looking for better company, they pick up other festival bound travelers/fodder.

Ranga Rock contains all the niceties of a five star resort coupled with a stinky 18th Century cod fishing port with free accommodation too boot! Yet strange things are afoot when PITA discovers a gelatinous globule devouring a homemade Wookie. PITA then clashes with a frog-like, bloated Police force dragging human-shaped things through the back alleys. Determined to investigate, PITA is thwarted by VANESSA an over-sexed German traveller needing help with a troublesome corset, and somehow the island pulled away and begun a southernly course towards Antarctica…. But nevermind that, it's hardly important foreshadowing.

As night falls: Alcohol flows, joints burn and panties drop obscuring the creeping horrors consuming the sleeping, dreaming. Only those retaining their consciousness, however inebriated remain unaffected. PITA, CHELSEA, SIMON and the other riff-raff crew engage in an all night Meta-reference drinking game, which leaves them to see the crack of dawn and the monstrous unnamable things which now control the island through an army of costume-playing fan-dumbs lumbering towards unholy, subterranean tasks.

PITA follows a grisly web of intrigue that leads him beyond the exterior happenings on Ranga Rock, through a slaughtering nude, blubberous cos-playing army and confronts the warped Deviant in a gory, tentacle-filled battle royale of the ages, with nerds.