Make My Movie

NZFC / NZ On Air / present... the MAKE MY MOVIE project. Our proud history of profound, progressive & potty thinking: Splittng the Atom / Women Getting the Vote / the Zorb and now we have another world first: the MAKE MY MOVIE project

Project details

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Danger Zone

3 groups go where they shouldn't...ignoring warnings, and facing the consequence

A “Mark Breach” FILM
WRITTEN BY Mark Breach

3 groups (cliche bogans x 4, 1 Ned Flanders christian style family, and 1 group of Military personnel on exercise) ..... the Soldiers think theyre on an Excercise while actually being used to test a new Biological weapon bound for Syria (zombie virus) the bogans are showing off to the other two bogan blonde bimbos, and the Flanders style family are camping in the woods without seeing the knocked over signage (the bogans knocked it over on way in with Datsun) .... carnage insues with a wonderful twist.