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NZFC / NZ On Air / present... the MAKE MY MOVIE project. Our proud history of profound, progressive & potty thinking: Splittng the Atom / Women Getting the Vote / the Zorb and now we have another world first: the MAKE MY MOVIE project

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Dead Guys Finish First

Seymour Kind, a genius yet manic medical student, is obsessed with the afterlife. After uncovering his late father’s unfinished research, he finally discovers a step-by-step method of visiting the afterlife: by temporary death.

A “Louis Mendiola” FILM
WRITTEN BY Louis Mendiola and Josh Howe

After fishing with his friends, young Seymour Kind returns back home to find his family brutally murdered. Shocked, Seymour discovers his father, Steven, a biological scientist obsessed with the afterlife, pointing the barrel of his shotgun under his own chin. Before killing himself, Steven pleads to Seymour to “never visit the other side.”

Years pass as Seymour, now a genius medical student obsessed with the afterlife, discovers his father’s hidden unfinished research, including an ancient book. Within the book are instructions on how to visit the afterlife. In order to visit the afterlife, the “visitor” needs to take part in a brief ritual, be killed, and be revived soon after. The “visitor” only has 7 minutes to be resuscitated or they will be lost in the afterlife forever.

Fascinated, Seymour takes the book, along with the research, to analyse it further in his campus office. Eventually, Seymour realizes he will need a test subject, a “visitor”…

Across campus, Charles Lawrence stands on a bridge, about to commit suicide. Charles, a first year medical student, is not only the worst student in his class by a longshot, but he is a depressive virgin without any friends and family. After flunking a major exam, Charles has had enough.

Seymour spots Charles and realizes that Charles is the perfect candidate to be his test subject, his “visitor”. Seymour rushes over to the bridge and talks Charles down from the bridge as he promises to tutor him.

During their first tutoring session, Seymour convinces Charles to take part with his afterlife research. After a nerve-wrecking initial trial in which Seymour chokes a willing yet squirming Charles to death, Charles successfully returns from the afterlife. Seymour frantically writes down the visions and sensations as Charles rambles vigorously about “the other side”. Astonished, Charles immediately asks to return. Seymour, content for more data, kills Charles again. And again. And again.

Like an addiction, Charles becomes obsessed with the afterlife. Each time he goes in, he comes back smarter. Cooler. Sexier. It’s like he’s been handed down centuries and centuries of wise insight. And with his newfound gift, Charles becomes the talk of the town. Guys want to be him, girls want him. Charles, the once suicidal virgin, begins bedding the hottest girls in town.

However, after Charles’ 50th “visit”, Seymour discovers that Charles is slowly decaying. He warns Charles to slow down with the “visits”; they need to space them out more. The following day, Charles ignores Seymour’s suggestions and asks to go in again. Seymour stoutly refuses as Charles leaves, angry.

Desperate for more afterlife action, Charles rings Seymour’s phone as he performs the ritual by himself and kills himself. Seymour rushes over and barely arrives in time to revive Charles. Afterlife is becoming quite dangerous and deadly…

Meanwhile, other problems begin to arise. Unbeknownst to Seymour and Charles, each time they venture into the afterlife from earth, a portal is opened, connecting both dimensions. And it will only be a matter of time before something comes through and enters our world. Something that can destroy our world…