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NZFC / NZ On Air / present... the MAKE MY MOVIE project. Our proud history of profound, progressive & potty thinking: Splittng the Atom / Women Getting the Vote / the Zorb and now we have another world first: the MAKE MY MOVIE project

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In 1954 it was the horror hoard from below...
...In 2014 the horror attacks from above.

A “Psychotic Kid Farm” FILM
WRITTEN BY Mark Charles Bennett

After the mutant ant attack in New Mexico in 1954 the world united against science resulting in the closure of all Atomic Research Facilities by the end of 50’s. Half a century later a long abandoned ARF is discovered and work commences to transform it into a 50’s themed B&B by its unwitting owners. However, during the renovation its last forgotten secret is discovered by the family pet...


An outbreak of mutant fleas now threatens the livestock and human population of Kaio and it’s a race against time to eradicate the infestation before they multiply and spread across all New Zealand.