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NZFC / NZ On Air / present... the MAKE MY MOVIE project. Our proud history of profound, progressive & potty thinking: Splittng the Atom / Women Getting the Vote / the Zorb and now we have another world first: the MAKE MY MOVIE project

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Marylei is a lonely girl she gets bullied in school and noone wants to be her friend until Oliver comes into her life. Oliver is the name of her doll where she found when her father committed suicide in the shed and thats where she found Oliver. Oliver is a haunted doll, She is not just like any other doll she is Maryleis doll.

Where ever Marylei goes Oliver goes with her, to her this doll is her best friend. What ever Oliver wants she gets so she gets Marylei to do things for her and things she dislike happens in a second. This doll has emotions just like any other human beings but Oliver's emotions is opposite critical and cruel which would leave no kids would never want a doll for a present after watching Oliver.

A “Gina and Marylei” FILM
WRITTEN BY Gina Tevaga

Marylei Johnson as herself plays the lonely 7 year old that is shy but as a lot to offer. Her live turns upside down when she hears that her father Gary has passed away. She does not want to talk to anyone she thinks life is boring now. She lives with her 9 year old brother Jonty, 10 year old sister June and mother Lydia. A very humble catholic family. They moved from their old house into a new house. they live in the city where the kids would run freely everywhere it was a safe city to stay in until she met Oliver.
Oliver is a haunted doll (no one knows that) so when kids see it they try to hurt it just so they can make Marylei in tears. But little do they know what is about to happen to them.

She founds this doll in the creepy shed where her father committed suicide.
In the morning Lucy herd people talking in her 7 year old daughters bedroom she goes to check on Marylei and she's quielty asleep so she goes downstairs to make breakfast.
Marylei get out of bed and gets ready for school which she hates to get up for, so while shes getting ready Lucy then again hears thumbing sounds coming from her room she then screams and tells Marylei to keep it down then Marylei comes out from the bathroom and tells her mum what shes talking about so her mother is worried for her thinking that somethings wrong with her 7 year daughter.

Lucys friend Carol comes over to visit them with her 7 year old daughter Sally so she tells Sally to go and play with Marylei.

Marylei Sally and their dolls will have a tea party when Sallys mum come over to see what they are doing Marylei tells Carol about her getting a divorce with her husband Carol is in shocked mode that Marylei knows this when no one knows so she asked her how she knew and she told Carol that Oliver told her. So shes thinking that Lucy told Marylei. She was shocked and walked over to Maryleis mum asking her how she knew about her getting a divorce and Lucy was shocked to hear what she had said to her.
So Marylei walks pass them telling Carol more stuff about her personal life and Carols more worried and scared that she took her daughter home with her telling her daughter not to play with Marylei again.

More events were happening that everyone blames Lucy for her daughters behavior. Marylei changed from a shy girl to a mean girl where she just say things out of her character. Marylei's siblings were always look down on her because she was the youngest and suddenly she over powered them so they never mess with her.

Marylei and her mum were driving to go to church and the way she looked at her mum was scary that with her piecing brown eyes just kept staring at her mum while she was driving then an appearance of her fathers face come on the window screen and Lucy trying to control the car turned into a pole luckily they were still alive while Lucy had a broken neck, back and legs and had ended up in a wheelchair.
while in the wheelchair she was seeing unexplainable things happening inside her house and shes wanting to get help fast has made her slow because of her condition.
Now everytime she sees this doll this doll has made her life a living hell not just her everyone else that comes across Marylei.

Lucy had to seek help because she couldnt not take it anymore so she went to a local library to do some research and found some interesting facts about the shed where her husband died and the land. she found out that they land was owned by a family of 5 that was all murdered in the shed from their 14 year old son who had shoot his entire family including the 7 year old girl which had a photo of her with the doll back in 1978.
Lucy knew that she had to tell a priest to get some help including paranormal help.

Finally on the day Marylei got possessed the priest had no choice but to cut the doll in half and every time their cut the doll the rain and thunder and lightening gets worse and Marylei gets to feel the pain of what the priest has done to the doll.

The people there witness her face changing and her voice changing into an evil boy. Then out of nowhere her fathers appear through thick air just glazing at her people their were amazed and in tears because they couldnt believe what they were seeing and all the events that were happening.

It is a truly scary and teary movie to watch now. Marylei and her family moved back in their old house where they belong and is living happily and friends are becoming more nicer to her and shes able to open up freely when the doll is destroyed. She is now 10 years old and every time she sees a doll she ignores it and doesnt want anything to do with it.