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NZFC / NZ On Air / present... the MAKE MY MOVIE project. Our proud history of profound, progressive & potty thinking: Splittng the Atom / Women Getting the Vote / the Zorb and now we have another world first: the MAKE MY MOVIE project

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Rise of the Monarch

A Mysterious phenomena has gripped
the world. The manefestion of a dreaded sickness soon breeds
souless creatures. Zane is the only one unaffected by
this disease. The boy keeps those he loves safe
from the shadow creatures but he is overwhelmed by his fear
of loneliness. He discovers a cure when he witnesses
a Monarch Butterfly bring back his friend Misty. it becomes
his quest to capture the insects and heal his family. Zane
and Misty find themselves hunted by a horde of shadow walkers.
Time is against them as they search for the only known

A “A Phantomstar Pictures and Chip Production” FILM
WRITTEN BY Brent F. Shuster

Act 1

Zane is a teenage boy living in urban Wellington. He falls for a local school girl named Misty. His persistent efforts to get close to her fail. Her rejections get the better of him until she is attacked by a rapist and Zane rescues her. Finally he gets his girl. The next day, Something strange takes hold of the country. It's an Apocalyptic event.
The first strike began with insects raining from above.
The insects formed mountains as they piled on top of each other.
The second phase began with Birds falling from the sky and off electrical lines and trees. Birds carcases peppered the streets and parks.
On Day 3, chaos reigned. People became distressed and poured out on to the streets holding their lifeless pets pleading for help.
All over the country there are reports of large animals strewn all over cows, goats, sheeps, horses, dogs.
Myteriously they are not dead but trapped in a deep comatose state.
The next day was the day of reckoning. Humans begin to fall victim to the terrifying phenomena. As the days went by the main cities became empty, desolate places.
Devoid of any form of life. Zane is the only remaining being.

A few days before the phenomenal event hits, Zane saves a large Monarch butterly from a spider web in his room.
He doesn't realize that this simple action would save his life.

Act 2

After the third strike when the humans fell, Zane is left alone.
But to keep his sanity he occuppies himself by fortifying his house where he keeps his loved ones safe. Their comatose state leaves them vulnerable. He cleans them and keeps them warm and healthy, hoping one day they will wake up from this deep sleep.

Things soon become more menacing. Some of sleepers begin to wake up but when they rise they are no longer human.
They have become abominations. Easily recognisable by the hideous, rough, dark texture of their skin and their pale glowing eyes. The Day stalkers began searching for food to hunt. They devoured the remaining sleepers that they came by. They were changing, becoming more and more intelligent.Their evolution to there final transition to Shadow stalkers made them terrifyingly deadly.

His best friend Misty's comatoase body is nearly bitten by Zane's infected cat who snuck into the house. Zane corners the cat and traps him with a basket. He is bony and almost furless like he had been starved and unnurtured.
A large Monarch butterfly flies in from the open window and floats majestically towards the cat. The cat growls as the butterfly nears him but slowly becomes docile. Once the Butterfly lands on his head, the cat falls unconcious. The cat gradually starts to recover. His fur grows out and he starts to breathe properly. His body slowly swells to it's former physique, his ribs no longer visible. Zane witnesses the power of the butterfly and quickly catches it in his hands. He uses the Monarch butterfly to wake Misty and free her from the sleep that she is imprisoned in.
The Monarch soon vanishes into the night. Zane realises the future may no longer be filled with loneliness. Now his destiny is clear.
He must search for the Monarch Butterfiles. Zane and Misty go hunting in the forest and come across a live possum. Hungry and desperate, they hunt the possum. Zane Arrow misses its target. They trail the possum into the woods and find it dead. They're bewildered by the possum's death. They notice there's a bullet wound in the possums body.
They realise they're not alone. They are confronted by humans. Who tell them of Monarchs that woke them from their slumber. Zane and Misty go with them to their camp. That night they set out to search for the butterflies in the woods.

The next day, Zane and Misty return to find the humans slaughtered. they look for supplies and survivors and find Sloane, the leader of the defense crew. Her leg is injured and she tells them how the Shadow stalkers attacked them in the night and devoured them in their sleep. She tells them that the shadow stalkers had a leader who was full of hatred and anger, screeching throughout the onslaught. This leading stalker is the rapist and uses primal instincts to follow Misty's scent. He hunted them through the woods and tracked them until they came across the camp. There is a nightmarish screech in the woods and the three flee through the forest frantically.

Act 3

Sloane's leg wound has become infected so they break into a chemist store and grab as many adrenline shots and antibiotics as they can carry. Zane scavenges through the store as Sloane limps after him with Misty supporting her. Zane eject Sloane with adrelnine shots hopefully she wont fall into a coma and they will find the Monarchs in time. They trek back to Zane's home and hope that they won't be followed or that they can stand their ground. Arriving back to his house Sloane is left behind to stay back and protect those in coma Before Zane and Misty can continue their mission to chase the Monarch butterflies, they must first survive the night against the Stalkers.

Written by Brent.F.Schuster 7 October 2013 copyrighted (reivsed september 26 draught)