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NZFC / NZ On Air / present... the MAKE MY MOVIE project. Our proud history of profound, progressive & potty thinking: Splittng the Atom / Women Getting the Vote / the Zorb and now we have another world first: the MAKE MY MOVIE project

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Walpurgis Rising

A monk from the Hospitaller helps the tribal leaders to finally vanquish the evil spirit by killing the possessed person and burying them upside down and sealing the grave with a bejewelled Golden Maltese Cross set in a large stone.
On present time, the evil that was buried centuries ago got loose and only two people stepped up to stop this evil, an Old man and young boy but how are they going to vanquish an ancient evil?

A “Christian Hipolito & Leroy Cross” FILM
WRITTEN BY Chip & Leroy

Walpurgis Day 1640: A monk from the Hospitaller
Order of St. John arrives on the shores of Aotearoa after leaving Holland trying to escape the 2nd resurgence of the plague. He becomes aware of a recent problem affecting the local Maori tribe. On investigation he finds that one of the members appears to be possessed by an evil spirit similar to one he had been called on to battle in Eastern Europe. He helps the tribal leaders to finally vanquish the spirit by killing the possessed person and burying them upside down and sealing the grave with a bejewelled Golden Maltese Cross set in a large stone.
Cut to Present Day: a group of Teenage Trampers are hiking through a relatively untouched part on the NZ bush. While they are preparing the camp one of the trampers discover a Jewel encrusted cross set in stone partially submerged in the ground. They decide that it's probably worth a fortune and decide to dig it up, remove the cross and return to Wellington to get valued and sell it. In removing the stone they disturb the trapped spirit below and during the night the spirit takes possession on one of the hikers and lies dormant.
The following day the hikers return to Wellington.
Meanwhile we are introduced to a young 12yo Maori boy who isn't happy about his Grandfather trying to teach him about demons and spirits, but as his Grandfather is his only surviving relative, he has no choice.
Once the hikers are back in Wellington, the dormant spirit starts to waken within the possessed hiker. Here we see the slow and traumatic conflict of the hiker's personality as it battles the evil spirit within. As the spirit takes over more control of the hiker the spirit starts to stalk and murder the other members of the hikers while the tortured soul of the possessed hiker fights to stop it. The spirit finally moves on to another body by causing the possessed hiker to commit a gruesome suicide.
The reports of the horrific incidents appear in the local paper and are noticed by the 12yo boy. He slowly begins to realise that this is what his Grandfather has been trying to warn him about. The 12yo finally brings up the subject with his Grandfather who isn't convinced at first but who comes to realise the boy is right. The grandfather attempts to contact other members of his order but finds that all but one of them have either died or failed to find suitable successors. The only other surviving member turns out to be on a university secondment to The Middle East. It looks like the Grandfather and the boy are on their own!
Meanwhile the murders and suicides continues with increasing frequency and are starting to happen outside of the group of hikers.
Grandfather while re-reading old manuscripts comes across a obscure passage relating to the Golden Maltese Cross. He then has to find The Cross. The Grandfather can't believe his luck when a newspaper report mentions that an unexplained jewel encrusted golden cross was found at the house of one of the suicide victims. As Grandfather and 12yo boy try to obtain The Cross grandfather becomes the latest victim of the possession. It is now down to the 12yo boy to use his grandfathers documents to destroy the evil spirit that has taken over his grandfathers body as the spirit starts to hunt him.
Just as it looks like the spirit is about succeed, the surviving member of the order turns up with the Cross and, with the boy's help over come Grandfather and transport him (along with the spirit inside into a remote spot in the forest and prepare to exorcise the spirit. As the ritual finishes the spirit laughs and causes Grandfather to kill himself, the boy and the surviving member push the body into the pit and cover it with the Cross.